NOTE from Staff: In Mod 5 Systems Pathology we kept the Lymph, Stretching, and Diabetes videos the same as the individual courses. Since they were so recent and up to date Dr Hawley wanted to leave them as they are, and seen no need to alter them. Therefore in each there is a couple slides referencing the webinar at the introduction of them. We couldn't cut those out so skip over them. If you were one of the few whom purchased those individually use this as a great refresher.  He also wanted to include the TP presentation slides so you can print them out


Here is one Dr Hawley did at the beginning of the year on how to set up a Facebook Page for your business

Intro and Evidence practice

Research 1 and part 2


Carpal Tunnel

Ethics 2


MOD 5 


Hi Everyone Dr Hawley here!!
The Ethics course (3 hours) and Research course (3 hours) are considered in our opinion a separate category from the others. Meaning these are NATIONAL Requirements, whereas the other are not. 
Therefore since these 2 courses have already met all the requirements we are putting them up just as they are and as they were approved nationally. We also wanted to include these in this course (almost as a bonus) for those of you whom have your required CEs but still needed to take one or both of these courses.
My staff and I hope you enjoy these.  DrH

MOD 2 

Disc Pathology

Here is one Dr Hawley did at the beginning of the year on how to create and identify your Avatar (Ideal Clients)

Ethics 1

NOTE: When taking these tests please send your answers and email them at the end of the course.  Simply create a file and load them until you complete all modules then send them all at once with your name, and credentials of how you would like them to appear on the certificate.

Simply send an email in the format at the end with all 6 mods (example)
Mod1  1a 2b 3c 4d etc
Mod2  1a 2b 3c 4d etc
Mod3  1a 2b 3c 4d etc through mod 6


Here is one Dr Hawley did at the beginning of the year on how to create ads on how to target market using Facebook/Instagram




How to design an ad using powerpoint and post it on social media

MOD 4 



MOD 6 


MOD 3 


how long will I have access to this?
we will keep this site active for 12 months from start of enrollment and if information changes we will update the classmambers

how do we contact you
two emails.

can we share this page with others
absolutely not. This is private for class members only. We have put tracking pixels on this page and other tracking data points. if you are caught sharing this is unfair (not to mention unethical) to the other classmates and you will be banned and any certificates revoked

can I submit a case to the class to discuss
absolutely! just send it to one of the emails above and Dr Hawley will contact you 

how often can I access this page or review the items
as often as you feel necessary there is no limit

Phys Diagnosis

Stretching Bonus Footage



Trigger Points


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Here is where you will have access to the modules as well as any information pertaining to the course.

Also my staff wanted to add some FAQs at the bottom so please review those as well.