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Hi Everyone. I created this page for the Massage Facebook group. I spoke with Dr Hawley and he thought it was a good idea since this is one of our more popular courses that we get a ton of feedback from.

We are giving this free to help those that are wanting to learn or refresh. however this is a paid course and to honor those that paid we wont be giving you the notes, or CEs. 

if you do want those then please go to our online store and purchase this course (It is only $2 so no biggie) 

As you can see we are not doing this for the money, either way. We wanted to give back to a profession that has been close to Dr H's heart for years. His wife is an LMT and they used to teach at a massage school and owned 7 clinics along with his wife's studio. These are what he and his team used to work on patients for over 25 years.

If you need to reach us our email is below as well as our store.



Our Email 

Our store if you want CEs